Photo Essay: Three North Texas Farms

Each and every Saturday farmers from across North Texas make the trek to the Coppell Farmers Market to sell the fruits of their labor. Week after week they thoughtfully set up their display, then smile and visit with their customers until the close of the day. Their weekly presence is as dependable as the setting sun.  

To learn more about these farmers, their practices, and their dedication to local food we set out to visit their operations. The Farmers Market Committee has been...   | Read More

How Greenhouses are Changing North Texas Farming

It’s the beginning of May and many North Texas veggie farmers are just beginning to see tiny fruits on their field squash and bean plants. They are harvesting the first spring carrots and the last of the asparagus.  It’s an unusual time of year for farmers to bring summer crops to market, unless they are growing in greenhouses.

Today green houses are a fairly common asset to the small farmer. “Season Extension”, as they call it, has become a hot topic at farming conferences...   | Read More

Farmer Folklore: The Last Frost Date

For farmers and gardeners across the region, March 15th (the average last frost date) signals it’s finally time for planting– the beginning of another go at it. As of March 15th, some of us plant out the delicate seedlings that have been holed up in the greenhouse or garage, waiting for the risk of cold soil to pass. Others fire up the tractor and sow acres of their first crop of peas or sorghum.

My grandfather was a farmer. When I first started out farming I wasn’t sure if...   | Read More

Taste of the Market: A Resource for Cooking with Local & Seasonal Ingredients

Armed with an iron skillet inherited from her “GranMary” and a commitment to equipping her community with the skills to eat locally, Courtney Jacobs develops recipes that feature seasonal ingredients sourced from North Texas farmers. She embraces and enjoys the “challenge of eating seasonally”; she loves making dishes that help others achieve “something that not many people are accustomed to anymore”.

Courtney recently visited the Coppell Farmers Market to gather...   | Read More

Volunteers Make the Market

A behind the scenes peek at The Coppell Farmers Market reveals a committed group of local citizens volunteering from a wide variety of backgrounds and skills performing a broad spectrum of tasks to keep the Coppell FM running smoothly.

Present and past volunteers include a dentist, librarians, teachers, an attorney, a chiropractor, real estate manager, community activist, an accountant, health professionals, telecommunications employees, a marketing specialist, environmentalist,...   | Read More

Vendor stall at farmers market

Benefits of a Farmers Market

Are there really benefits from buying local food? We all benefit at least indirectly when food can be supplied to us directly with less transportation cost, less packaging and handling, less refrigeration and less time in storage.  Also, when we buy from local farmers we are keeping the ability to have food grown nearby which puts some of the control of what gets grown as well.  We are also keeping money nearby instead of going to farms thousands of miles away.  The next section...   | Read More

Lone Star EBT logo

SNAP Benefits

Acting on the principle that access to fresh, wholesome food should be available to people of all income levels, the Coppell Farmers Market accepts the Lone Star EBT Card used in Texas for SNAP, formerly known as food stamps. SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits can be used to purchase food items and vegetable and herb plants.

BONUS:  SNAP recipients receive a voucher for a dollar-to-dollar match of their SNAP benefits, up to $10, to be used on their next visit...   | Read More

Seasonal Food

The Coppell Farmers Market is a seasonal, local market. This means a product found in June may not be available in November. While a three year old little boy looking for “boo berries” last March didn’t understand why blueberries wouldn’t be available for a little while, most customers now realize this although they may be disappointed the blueberries are gone until next May.

What some don’t understand is that cooler weather doesn’t mean all cool weather...   | Read More

Rehoboth Ranch cows in pasture

Learn about pastured meat

The benefits of pasture raised meat, including free range pastured chickens, have shown up in varied news sources the last few years. Is there really a benefit to these meats, especially given that they generally cost more?

Why do they cost more? Pastured meats take longer to mature to the harvest point with a significantly larger acre per animal ratio. These cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, lambs are out in pastures moving around freely in the grass and eating a natural diet, free of...   | Read More

Hiram Farm jars of pickled items and other products

Vendor Spotlight – Hiram Farm

Expect the unexpected at this family booth. Pat Gaines is continually researching and developing new products. She is something of a Renaissance woman at the market, creating new from the usual by exploring a new concept for her family and customers’ taste buds or health. She usually has herbs and eggs. She added homemade salad dressings. (If she knows you’re coming and have a favorite, she’ll bring it for you.) Then she began making individual breakfast quiches and other small entrees...   | Read More

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