Quiche with market vegetables

All My Market Vegetables

I am constantly thinking of ideas to get more vegetables in my 7 year old’s diet. Let’s face it, the struggle is real. Not many kids care for vegetables. Yes, they know “it’s good for you” and “will make you fly like Superman” yet they don’t care as much. As most of you know I am a die hard fan of local food and our farmers market, so I came up with a grand scheme and, of course, a recipe too.

My daughter accompanies me on most of my market visits so I decided it would...   | Read More

Colorful Salad

by Neha Pant

Nothing says spring better than bright colors. Finally the rain sleet and snow are behind us and we have some gorgeous blue skies and beautiful sunshine. I have been working in my yard a lot getting it all pretty. The flowers and the chirping of the birds make my heart so happy but you know what makes me happier? The market will soon be a weekly market. I have already started to plan and make my list (two weeks in-between markets is a bit much for me). I am a regular at...   | Read More

Egg and Spinach Brunch Recipe

Egg and Spinach Brunch Recipe

Brunch is by far our favorite meal. We go out for brunch almost every weekend to our usual spots.

I mean what’s not to love about brunch…like my little one says, “it’s pretty awesome –it’s breakfast and lunch.” Of course for her it means one less meal to eat her veggies and listen to Mom’s rant about nutrition and health 🙂 It’s a perfect way to unwind on the weekend or catch up with friends in your casual...   | Read More

Let me introduce myself

by Neha Pant

I grew up in an agricultural university campus in India. Beautiful yellow mustard fields, watching students work in water filled rice fields, running across the street to the sugar cane field to snag a couple sugarcanes to just chew on – these are few of my very distinct and clear memories of childhood. But then there is one very favorite one!!

I recall very clearly grabbing a couple bags and holding my father’s hand and walking to the farmers’ market...   | Read More

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