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What’s Fresh – August 23

Tomatoes, melons, peppers, squash abound in colorful large piles in wide varieties on the farmers’ tables. Watermelons continue, as do some peaches. The blueberry folks said they will be returning again this week.

Fresh herb choices continue and can be frozen in measured portions in ice cube trays to use in the winter. Onions, spinach, garlic, eggplant, shelled peas or beans can still be found. Interesting produce finds possibly include sweet potato greens, beets, and mustard...   | Read More


I Love My Farmers Market Celebration

The I Love My Farmers Market Celebration, sponsored by the American Farmland Trust, is a chance for Coppell Farmers Market customers to show their love for our farmers and our market. PLEASE, once each week, go to the American Farmland Trust Celebration website and enter the amount of money you think you’ll spend that next Saturday. The dollar amount is not important, but if the Coppell Farmers Market receives more pledges than other local markets, we have a chance to be named one of...   | Read More

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Despite the Summer Heat, Time is Ripe for a Market Visit

Although we’re firmly in the grips of another hot Texas summer, the market continues to flourish and tries its best to keep customers comfortable. Produce is abundant and the farmers are anxious to share their produce, meats, and eggs with customers, so don’t let summer temperatures deter a market visit.

The market committee and vendors have offerings to help cool off customers. Cold water is always available for humans at the Coppell Farmers Market table in the center of the...   | Read More

CFM Archway and Flags

Old Town Coppell Flag Pole Dedication Ceremony

This Saturday, August 16, at 8:00 a.m., the Coppell Rotary Club, in conjunction with Coppell Mayor Karen Hunt and City Council members, will dedicate the new flag pole at the market in Old Town Coppell and raise the new five-by-eight foot American flag. An inscribed boulder, honoring American veterans and donated by Grow It Land Design, will also be dedicated.
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What’s Fresh – August 16

Cantaloupe, Israeli melons, watermelon varieties, and some apples and perhaps pears continue. There is a slight possibility that blueberries and peaches will return this week. Broad choices of varieties and sizes of tomatoes, squash, and eggplant continue. Find peppers in a wide range of size, color and piquancy, like the golf-ball sized bright red cherry pepper packing a hot pepper punch. The farmer knows the use for each variety. Cucumbers, onions, red and white potatoes are also...   | Read More

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National Farmers Market Week: August 3-9

Celebrate National Farmers Market Week with a visit to the Coppell Farmers Market this weekend to stock your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer. Thank a farmer and producer while you chat and purchase. Let them know you care about their attendance at our market.
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What’s Fresh – August 9

Midsummer produce is in peak production, the perfect time to buy quantity for preserving and canning. Place an order ahead with a farmer or ask if they have a large quantity with them on a given day. To find information on how to preserve for the offseason, search “canning” or “freezing” on our website.

Cantaloupe and watermelon varieties continue. Soft fruits are just about done for this year in North Texas. Customers are lucky if they find any of these this week. Tomatoes,...   | Read More


What’s Fresh – August 2

Although the dog days of summer are upon us, customers can keep cool eating the peaches and blueberries that will continue for weeks, since the farmers amended their report from last week. Weather makes such a difference!

Also find juicy pears, apples, perhaps grapes and figs, Israeli melons, Nubus melons, Eden’s gem heirloom variety, Sarah’s choice cantaloupe, and Stars and Stripes, Delta, and seedless watermelons.

A recent surprise addition to the produce mix are some...   | Read More

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Market Reaching New Heights in Attendance

The Coppell Farmers Market committee and vendors have reported that they have noticed a surge in customers with the new location. The data backs up that guess. On July 19, volunteers conducting the annual customer (and dog) count recorded 2,024 customers of all ages (and 85 dogs) visited the market, up from 1,381 customers a year ago – a jump of almost 700 folks! There are also 41 vendors that support the Coppell Farmers Market by bringing their fresh produce and products every week!...   | Read More

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What’s Fresh – July 26

Fruit choices have expanded to include locally grown Israeli melons, cantaloupe, watermelons, blueberries, plums, pears, grapes, figs, and apples. This might be the last week for peaches, so buy them now.

A wide variety of brightly colored summer vegetables, greens, and fresh herbs are available. Customers who think eggplant is only large and purple need to check these out at the market. Local eggplant varieties go from deep purple to lavender to white, large to small, round to...   | Read More

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