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Get to know your farmer, rancher, producer, grower, baker, fisherman, dairyman, soap maker, and even your dog biscuit maker to learn many interesting stories behind your food. For various reasons, not every vendor will be at every market; however this listing is for our most current vendors. Our farmers use various growing methods. To clarify, the produce vendors’ descriptions contain information about their farming methods: Certified Organic, Sustainably Grown, or Conventional.

Latte Da Dairy

Latte Da Dairy logoDelicious artisanal goat cheese begins with just the right breeds. With a goal of maintaining the integrity and health of the herd, Anne and Johnny Jones breed Nubian and LaMancha goats for milking and showing. Using “near-organic” practices keeps the goats, land and milk pure, while three guard dogs assure herd safety. The girls’ Grade A milk is handcrafted into various types of chevre and hard cheeses (Caerphilly and Gouda).

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