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Brown Butter Spice Cake

Super way to use leftover roasted winter squash! Blogger Heidi Swanson of award winning 101 Cookbooks says this is more of a cake-like bread than an actual cake, and “it might be the most wonderfully fragrant cake” she has ever baked. She allows latitude if you don’t have garam masala, suggesting pumpkin pie spices or another Indian curry or spice blend.


1/2 cup / 4 oz /...   | Read More

What’s Fresh, November 1

Farmers’ booths have as much green in them as they have orange. Who would have thought? This cooler weather is perfect for fall greens like collards, bok choy, kale, Swiss chard, mustard greens, mizuna, water cress, sorrel, arugula, and spinach. Lush lettuces, mostly hydroponically grown, are plentiful. Starter plants of many greens and herbs will feed you and decorate your yard during the cooler months. Zucchini and cucumbers are still producing, as well as acorn squash, herbs, sprouts...   | Read More

Rehoboth Ranch cows in pasture

Fall Proteins & Kids Day Wrap Up

People tend to think of a farmers market as produce only, but Coppell Farmers Market vendors bring multiple protein offerings as well. Sam’s Salmon returns this weekend, caught this summer by the vendor’s nephew at Kodiak Island, Alaska. The wild caught salmon selection this year includes sockeye, Coho, and smoked King. By fishing an area of open water, the fish are more nutrient rich than after they begin their exhausting run upstream. Texas Gulf seafood choices include shrimp and a...   | Read More

What’s Happening This Fall

October 4 – Living Well in Coppell

8:00am, Yoga at Old Town Square, on the grass south of the farmers market

Noon, Kickoff Event at Andy Brown East pavilion 

Click here for Events Calendar


October 18 – Kids Day at the...   | Read More

Smoothies for Kids

By Chef Robby Hooker, Head Chef with Lewisville ISD Food Day for Kids at the Coppell Farmers Market 2014


12 Oz. Greek yogurt 1 bunch spinach or other milder flavored greens, kale may be a bit strong for kids 2 apples with skin 2 carrots, unpeeled Few tablespoons local honey 1 cup orange juice


Mix in blender until smooth.  Now you have a Smoothie!

Amounts are all approximate and may be adjusted to...   | Read More

Kid-Friendly Recipes

These recipes will require adult assistance, depending on the age and experience of the child in the kitchen cooking environment. Even young children can help wash produce, mix, pour, or stir so let children help wherever safely possible.

*indicates an ingredient that is available at the Coppell Farmers Market depending on the season

Little Twiddle-burgers

From The Sesame Street Cookbook

To serve 5—

What you need:

*1 pound...   | Read More

What’s Fresh, October 25

The market is a great place to find seasonal color for yard or table with pumpkins, winter squashes, and colorful seasonal plants like pansies, violas, and edible Swiss chard and kales. Apples probably won’t be found anymore. However, persimmons are in their prime right now. This far south, persimmons benefit from a time in the freezer to develop their sweetness. Further north this happens with the first freeze while the fruit is still on the tree. In North Texas, we have to fake an...   | Read More

Kids! Kids! Saturday, October 18

Kids Day at the Market By Lynette Fortson, Marketing committee member

Kids! Kids! Next week Saturday, October 18, Coppell Farmers Market is all about the younger generation as we celebrate our fourth Kids’ Day at the Market in conjunction with National Food Day.   Kid-friendly nutrition-oriented activities stand to make this a memorable market morning.

The Food Day website says, “Children who know where our food comes from and how to cook meals will have...   | Read More

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