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Three Reasons to Grocery Shop at the CFM this Winter

The Coppell Farmers Market is open for the New Year! Shop for your weekly groceries with us on second and fourth Saturdays January-March: Jan. 12 & 26, Feb. 9 & 23, Mar. 9 & 23. Weekly market days return in April.

Three reasons to shop the Coppell Farmers Market this winter:


1.) Cooler temps produce sweeter root crops and greens! Our farmers are growing a wide variety of winter vegetables by utilizing hoop houses and light-weight frost...   | Read More

What’s Fresh January 12

Use What’s Fresh to make your grocery list. SNAP accepted at our farmers market.

Fruits + Vegetables –

Mushrooms: Oyster Winter Squash Beets Carrots Turnips Radish Cauliflower Broccoli and Broccolini Green Onions Onions Potatoes Cabbage Micro Greens (sunflower, broccoli, radish, pea) Brussels Sprouts Kale Collard Greens Spinach Bok Choy Swiss Chard Head Lettuce Baby Salad Greens Mix (bagged) Baby Mustard Greens Mix (bagged) Cut Lettuce Mix...   | Read More

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