OPEN During COVID-19 Shelter-in-Place

Coppell Farmers Market Operational Standards during COVID-19 Public Emergency

The City of Coppell defines the Coppell Farmers Market (CFM) as a viable grocery option and is therefore able to continue operating during the Declaration of a State of Disaster that is extended through April 28th so long as additional safety precautions (outlined below) are implemented.

The City of Coppell considers the CFM to be a valuable source of fresh produce, meats, dairy and other local staples and hopes be in a position to support this service through this uncertain time.

The current public health crisis is a developing issue that the city and the CFM will continue to provide updates on. We ask market customers and stakeholders to be patient and adaptable as more information becomes available.

Should Coppell be placed under changed restrictions due to different emergency declarations at some point in the future, these temporary operational standards could be adjusted accordingly.

To continue providing this service, the Coppell Farmers Market will adhere to the following recommendations from the City of Coppell:

COVID-19 Stall Layout
  • Vendor stalls will be placed 8-10 ft. apart in an open-air environment. The pavilion will be closed.
  • Customers must practice social distancing of at least 6 ft. at all times, even while waiting in lines.
  • Customers must make their visit as short as possible. Please refrain from gathering and lingering.
  • Customers are to place orders online in advance whenever possible. Go to:
  • Customers are asked to use available hand sanitizers frequently during their visit, and to wash hands in the public restrooms upon entrance and exit.
  • All entertainment and educational programming have been canceled.
  • Market tokens will not be sold (except for SNAP Benefit Tokens). Few vendors do not accept credit cards and customers may want to come with cash.
  • Market staff and vendors will disinfect high touch points throughout the market.

Vendor Participation Requirements:

  • Vendors are not permitted to attend the CFM if they are displaying symptoms of any illness or have come in contact with someone who is sick. Anyone displaying symptoms at the market will be asked by the Market Manager to leave immediately.
  • Thoroughly wash hands once per hour in addition to practicing one of the following hand hygiene methods after each transaction: supply and use hand washing station at booth, display and use hand sanitizer, or change disposable gloves.
  • Provide and display hand sanitizer for customers.
  • Provide disinfectant and sanitize high touch areas of booth once per hour.
  • No self-service; customers are asked to point to the items they want, and the vendors then hand them to the customer or place in a bag/box.
  • No product sampling permitted.
  • Strictly adhere to regular food safety regulations as outlined in the CFM Vendor Guidelines.

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