So how are you supposed to shop at a farmers market?

On Saturday August 10th, the Coppell Farmers Market (CFM) celebrated National Farmers Market Week, a time when farmers markets across the country aim to highlight the significance of local food production and the importance of farmers markets.

As part of our Market’s celebration, we planned market tours with the goal of helping both veteran and new visitors shop the Coppell Farmers Market to the best of their advantage. We’ve adapted the oral account of our Market’s...   | Read More

Farmers Market Week Celebration

To celebrate National Farmers Market Week we’ll host guided tours of our market, and hand out cold drinks and meal plans to shoppers, on Saturday August 10th!

Cold Drink Bar: Free ice-cold beverages made by CFM vendors!  The cold drink bar will be located at the main entrance of the farmers market pavilion. Drink choices will include Jewel Kombucha, Soco Ginger Beer, Good Spice Lemonade, Rakkasan Tea Company iced...   | Read More

Recipes from Recent Cooking Demos

Big thanks to all who attended Customer Appreciation Day on July 13th! What a great turn out!

Pat Simon, Owner of Customer Cafe Custom Cafe

Custom Café  has been a vendor at our market for ages! They sell amazing custom soup/dip/bread dry mixes that are free of fake ingredients, like “natural flavors” and preservatives.

Custom Cafe Dill Potato Salad:


1 package...   | Read More

Our Vendors Make What They Sell: Kitchen Visit Edition

WHY SHOP the CFM? Find peak season vegetables and fruits along with pantry staples, milk and eggs, and pasture-raised meats. Our market is producer only; vendors are vetted to ensure they grow and produce what they sell.

Every vegetable grower and rancher is visited at least one time per year; most vegetable growers are visited up to three times per year. The kitchens of all prepared food vendors are visited upon approval to vend, and then intermittently as long as...   | Read More

Handout from Food Preservation Class

Class taught by and handout written for food preservation by Trish Percy of Feed Texas First ( in June, 2011.

Feed Texas First is a grass-roots organization that supports ensuring our food security in North Texas.


Canning – Hot Water Bath Canning (High Acid)

–          Used for high acid foods such as jams, jellies, preserves, salsa, pickles and basic tomatoes

–          Heats...   | Read More

Panel Discussion Wrap Up

On Saturday, August 12th the Coppell Farmers Market celebrated National Farmers Market week. A group of panelists comprised of food producers and farm advocates discussed the significance and challenges of farmers markets. The panel discussion moderated by Amanda Vanhoozier, author of Just Picked TX and long-time food/farming community builder based in Coppell. “As we were just getting into the introductions, there was this positive wave of energy that began to enrich the...   | Read More

Why I like to shop the Coppell Farmers Market

An Opinion Piece from Coppell High School Senior, Fiona Koshy 

I have always loved Saturday mornings.

The feeling of waking up devoid of the usual tasks and responsibilities of a typical weekday is replaced with pure bliss. One of the first things I do is pour a fresh cup of coffee, grab my book and have a nice, slow start to the morning.

A new addition to this beloved ritual has been my mornings at the Coppell Farmers Market.

When I...   | Read More

Partners in Feeding the Metroplex for More than 30 Years

Since the market’s conception in 2003, site visits have helped us build community with our farmers and producers, and just as importantly, they’ve allowed us teach farmers market shoppers about the source of their food.

During these visits we learn about our vendor’s practices, and their dedication to local food. The CFM steering committee and market manager are committed to visiting each farmer on as many as three separate occasions (once each spring, summer and fall) each...   | Read More

Just Picked TX, a New Presence for Local Food

Photo: Amanda Vanhoozier, Just Picked (left), and Amanda Austin, CFM Manager (right) at the 2017 Texas Organic Farmers and Growers Conference


If you’ve lived in Coppell anytime in the past 20 years and have been involved in its active outdoor education, gardening, or farmers market scene you’ve probably met the woman who had a major hand in making it all happen: Amanda Vanhoozier. Amanda, once a city employee, is a sought-after community organizer and the author of a...   | Read More

Preserving Tomatoes

What if you could open a jar of tomato sauce in December that has the same vibrant flavor as the heirloom tomatoes you can find this summer at the CFM?  Flavor that you know is all natural because you put it there yourself?  Gather a bushel or a peck this Saturday and practice a few preservation techniques: freezing, oven drying, and canning.

Freezing: To remove tomato skins, put the tomatoes into a pot of boiling water for about 30 seconds.  Take them out,...   | Read More

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