Vendor Handbook

Contents of the Coppell Farmers Market Vendor Handbook


  • Mission Statement
  • CFM Staff
  • Farmer’s Market Manager
  • On-Site Assistants
  • Lone Star ATM Operator
  • Volunteers
  • CFM Committee
  • CSFO Board of Directors

Market Operations

  • Market Times, Set-up and Breakdown Schedule, Services

Vendor Categories and Product Descriptions

  • Vendors
  • Agricultural Producers
  • Value Added Producers
  • Artisans
  • Non-Vendors
  • Non-Profit Organizations and Governmental Entities
  • Activity Providers
  • Musicians/Entertainers

Vendor Rules and Regulations

  • All Vendors
  • Agricultural Producers
  • Animal Producers
  • Value-Added Producers
  • Non-Vendors
  • Onsite Market Rules
  • Violations

Vendor Fees

  • Application Fee
  • Weekly Stall Fees

Disputes and Grievances

  • On-Site Resolution
  • Deliberation
  • Grievance Process

Lone Star Card and ATM Terminal

  • Lone Star Card – $1 Red Wooden Tokens
  • SNAP Eligible Products
  • ATM Machine – $5 Green Wooden Tokes
  • Vendor Instructions and Reimbursement
  • Cash Change

Your Input



Mission Statement To form a relationship with local growers/producers in order to provide fresh, seasonal produce and agricultural products for our community while fostering a sense of place in Old Town Coppell.

CFM Staff

  • Farmer’s Market Manager: Amanda Austin, contact: [email protected], cell phone: 817.371.2278
  • On-Site Assistants: Bakahri Thornton and Jevon Thompson
  • Lone Star ATM Operator: Sandy Stewart
  • Volunteers: Volunteers assist with the CFM info and hospitality table, set up, take down, and a variety of on-site and off-site tasks.
  • Coppell Farmers Market Committee
  • Coppell Sustainable Food Organization (CSFO) Board of Directors


With the support of the City of Coppell, the Coppell Farmers Market (CFM) was established in 2003 by citizens who had a vision for a farmers market in Old Town Coppell.

The Coppell Farmers Market Committee, a steering committee of citizen volunteers, supervises the market. A paid market manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the market and maintains primary contact with the vendors, the city, and the steering committee. The city provides a liaison to the market to support the relationship between the market and the city.

Vendor input is vital to the success of the market and is coordinated through the market manager.

The CFM committee meets monthly. Various subcommittees such as vendor approval, site visit, marketing, and special events will meet separately as needed.

The 501(c)3 non-profit organization that oversees the market is the Coppell Community Garden Corporation (dba Coppell Sustainable Food Organization).

Market Operations

Market Times, Set up and Breakdown Schedule, Services

Regular Season Market Dates:

The Coppell Farmers Market is open weekly from the first weekend in April through the weekend before Thanksgiving in November.

Winter Market Dates:

The Coppell Farmers Market is open the First and Third Saturdays in December and the Second and Fourth Saturdays in January-March.

Market Hours:

The Market is open from 8 am – Noon or until vendors sell out


  • 6:00 On-Site Assistants begin setup
  • 6:30-7:50 Vendor Setup
  • 7:55 Parking lot is barricaded – all vehicles must relocate from the loading zone to the parking lot
  • 8:00 Market is Open
  • 12:00-1:00 Breakdown
  • 1:00 Vendors must be out


  • Off-Loading Dollies shared between vendors for ease of set up
  • 120v electrical
  • ATM
  • Water
  • Coffee
  • Restrooms

Vendor Categories and Product Descriptions

Coppell Farmers Market (CFM) has two distinct types of booths: Vendors and Non-Vendors.

Vendors are divided into two main categories – Agricultural Producers and Value-Added Producers and Artisans. Non Vendors include Activity Providers and Service Providers. A vendor’s primary product will determine their vendor category.


A Vendor is defined as any Market participant that submits a vendor application, pays an application fee, is approved as a vendor by CFM Committee, and pays required weekly booth fees to attend the Market and sell their product.

Agricultural Producers

Any vendor who grows, raises, and/or wild-harvests a food product.

  • Farmers – Growers of vegetables, herbs, fruits, nuts, mushrooms, cactus, nursery products, grains, pulses, flowers, and other horticultural crop
  • Ranchers – Producers of animal-based products, including meat, eggs, and dairy products
  • Other – Producers of other raw, unprocessed products that are grown or raised on a farm or ranch or wild-harvested in accordance with relevant regulations, to include honey, seafood, and foraged foods.

Value Added Producers

Any vendor who uses one or more ingredients to create a product by processing, blending, packaging, or altering using other preparation methods.

  • Prepared Food Vendors – Any vendor who prepares foods in an approved production facility to be consumed off-site or to be used as an ingredient.
  • Cottage Food Vendors – Producer of foods prepared under the Texas Cottage Food Law (Texas Department of State Health Services, Health and Safety Code, Title 6, Chapter 437).


Artist or craftsperson who produces originally designed hand-crafted products that are unique and of high-quality, to include crafts, artwork, inedible products such as herbal products, personal care and beauty products. *In order to maintain the farm and food focus of the markets, only a very limited number of artisans will be approved as vendors.


Any participant that is not a vendor of the Market but enhances the Market in some meaningful and mission-aligned manner may be allowed to participate as a Non-vendor. They must provide additional advertising via social media and other media outlets.

Nonprofit and Governmental Entities

Coppell based organizations registered as either a federal or state nonprofit, or governmental agencies that support the Market’s mission and purpose and are not in direct competition with Market vendors or function.

Activity Providers

Groups or individuals interested in attending Market who will enhance the quality of the Market, support the Market ideals, are not in direct competition with the Markets’ mission and purpose, and who fall under one or more of the following categories:

  • Kids Activities – An activity focusing on engaging children
  • Educational – An activity focusing on increasing knowledge or skills pertaining to a particular topic
  • Health and Fitness – an activity focusing on nutrition, physical activity or healthy lifestyles
  • Music and Entertainment – an activity focusing on providing entertainment at the Market

Rules and Regulations

All Vendors

  1. All products sold at the Coppell Farmers Market must be grown, raised, and produced directly by the vendor.
  2. All production must take place in North Central Texas, and must be performed using land and facilities that the Vendor controls through ownership, lease, rental, or other legal agreement.
  3. Products must be produced and sold in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.
  4. Vendors are responsible for maintaining required permits, licenses, and certifications for all products they produce.
  5. Vendors are permitted to sell only items that were approved upon application. New products intended for sale by current vendors but not included on the most recently approved application must be approved prior to their sale at Market. Vendors may use the online New Product Application to submit changes.
  6. All vendors are required to comply with at least one site visit per year, and as many as four per year. Site visits must be scheduled within two weeks upon receipt of the request.

Agricultural Producers

  1. Unapproved resale will not be tolerated. Agricultural Producers may apply to represent farms whose products are not produced at all or are not currently produced in sufficient quantity by the existing mix of vendors, provided the product meets all other requirements. Approved resale will only be considered if full disclosure of the name and contact information of the farm of origin is provided. Farm of origin will be subject to a site visit.
  2. Application from Agricultural Producers whose products are not produced at all or are not currently produced in sufficient quantity within the North Central Texas region may be considered, in the committee’s sole discretion, provided the product meets all other requirements.
  3. Existing vendors who operate pre-pay CSA or subscription program be approved, in the committee’s sole discretion, to use the Coppell Farmers Market as a distribution point. Items included in CSA or subscription shares must be produced by the vendor.
  4. All items sold as organic must meet the requirements of the National Organic Program. Sellers of organic items must have a copy of their certification on file with CFM. Only certified organic growers may display signs using the word organic.
  5. Approved Vendors may sell plants and trees, fresh and dried flowers, herbs and decorative vegetation grown or legally gathered themselves. Purchased nursery stock must be repotted and grown for a minimum of four weeks before being sold.

Animal Producers

  1. Animals used in production of products for sale at Market must be raised and managed using humane husbandry practices and environmentally sound methods.
  2. Live animals are not allowed to be sold.

Value-Added Producers

  1. Value-Added products must be processed and packaged by the vendor in their own facility, or created and developed by the vendor and produced in a processing facility under the direction of the vendor. The use of recyclable/compostable food containers is preferred and encouraged.
  2. In reviewing new vendor applications, special consideration will be given to those producers who can verify the use of local ingredients.
  3. Vendors must, when required, obtain, maintain and display necessary permits or licenses.
  4. All items intended for human consumption must be kept off the ground at all times and be in a safe and sound condition. The producer/seller will be solely responsible for damages resulting from the sale of unsound goods.


Nonprofits, Governmental Entities and Activity Providers must comply with the following:

  1. Must follow all applicable market rules.
  2. Non-Profit organizations may participate no more than once per season. Scheduling preferences will be given to groups that have not yet participated in the season.
  3. Personnel must stay within the perimeters of their booth pace. Soliciting is prohibited. Market walk-throughs to recruit participants is prohibited.
  4. Organizations must provide all of their own equipment, including: tables, chairs, canopy.

Onsite Market Rules

  1. Smoking and vaping: Smoking and vaping are prohibited at the Market, including beneath the pavilion and in surrounding green spaces and parking lots.
  2. Alcohol and drugs: The consumption of alcoholic beverages or drugs is prohibited at the Market.
  3. Accessibility: Pre-determined fire lanes and ADA pathways cannot be blocked.
  4. Soliciting: Soliciting is prohibited at market.
  5. Stall Assignments:
    1. Stall assignments will be made based on attendance, product mix and logistical constraints as determined by the Market Manager and Farmers Market Committee.
    2. Outdoor stall size shall be 10 foot by 10 foot, Pavilion stall sizes vary.
    3. Transactions between customers and vendors may only occur within the stall.
    4. Vendors may request a maximum of two stalls. The request may be made on a seasonal or year-round basis to the Market Manager in writing.
    5. Vendors shall provide all of their own equipment and must not exceed the parameters of the Stall. Tents must be weighted with 25 pounds for each corner. The CFM will not provide weights, canopies, tables or chairs.
  6. Signs:
    1. Vendors shall post a sign with the name of their business and business location.
    2. Vendors are encouraged to post a price list.
    3. Signage must be accurate and truthful in claims of production practices, sourcing, or other claims.
    4. Signs outside of the Stall will be reviewed and approved by the Market Manager and Committee prior to displaying if they do not restrict movement or physically interfere with the sale of another vendor.
    5. Banners Inside the Pavilion: a.) Mounting a banner in between neighboring pavilion stalls is not permitted. b.)When a sign is mounted on the back side of a booth the materials (rope, bungee cords, etc.) may not span outside of the vendor’s 10 ft space. c.) Mounting a banner to table fronts is acceptable.
  7. Attendance:
    1. Start date for new vendors will be mutually agreed upon by the vendor and Market Manager.
    2. All vendors are expected to attend Markets on a regular, year-round basis, unless the application was otherwise approved as a part-time or seasonal vendor. If a Vendor misses three consecutive markets without advance notice to the Market Manager, or three out of five markets with advance notice to the Market Manager, the Committee may, in its discretion, award such vendor’s reserved space to another vendor.
    3. Vendors attendance will be reviewed annually and those with poor attendance records will be assigned exterior booth spaces. Vendors with poor or irregular attendance will not be assigned to booth spaces the pavilion.
    4. Vendors must give at least a 7-day notice to the Market Manager of their intent to return to Market from an absence of more than 4 weeks.
    5. Vendors must notify the Market Manager no later than 7:30am if they are not attending a market day. 24 hours notice is preferred. Text or email notification preferred.
    6. In the case of an emergency which prohibits attendance, notify the Market Manager as soon as possible.
    7. Vendors must have their booths completely set up at least 10 minutes prior to the start of Market.
  8. Parking: Whenever possible, it’s preferred that vendors reserve close proximity parking for customer parking.
  9. Pricing:
    1. Vendors will determine the prices of their own products.
    2. The sale or likely sale of goods at less than fair value (dumping) is prohibited.
  10. Professional Manner:
    1. Vendors must represent their products in an honest manner, whether written or verbal.
    2. Vendors asked by Market Staff to remove products that present a threat to health must do so immediately.
    3. Vendors must conduct themselves in a courteous and professional manner at the Market. Vendors must treat customers, staff, volunteers, and fellow vendors with respect.
    4. Inaccurate, inappropriate, threatening, or harassing words or statements construed as disparaging or harmful to other vendors, vendor-to-customer relationships or the Market is prohibited and can be grounds for termination.
    5. No music other than that provided by the Market is allowed.
    6. No disruptive or aggressive promotion is allowed.
    7. Vendors are responsible for keeping their area clean during Market, and are responsible for cleaning their stall location after Market is over. Unsold product and packing boxes must be carried off site.
  11. Natural Gas and Propane Use: Natural Gas and Propane use is prohibited at the market.
  12. Electric Use: Please be aware of overloading our breakers. Each power outlet can handle only ONE heating appliance. Always inform market staff of power outages so that the city electrician can be contacted.


Vendors will be notified of violations of the rules and regulations either by the Market Manager or by written notice from the Committee. If a vendor fails to cease or remedy a violation within the time specified in a written notice from the Committee, the vendor may, in the Committee’s discretion, be suspended from the Market. The Committee may, in its discretion, terminate a vendor’s participation in the Market for repeated violations of which the Committee has notified the vendor in writing.

Vendor Fees

Application Fee

A nonrefundable processing fee of $10 must accompany new vendor applications, paid online.

Weekly Stall Fee

On-Site Coordinator collects fee on a weekly basis at the Market. Vendors may pay in advance with cash or check.

  • Agricultural and Value-Added Producers: $10 per single booth space
  • Artisans: $20
  • Non-Vendors: Free

Disputes and Grievances

The following procedures are in place to provide any vendor with a clear process for settling a dispute or addressing a complaint or grievance.

On-site Resolution

The CFM Manager is the first step in addressing any matter. The manager will make every effort to resolve an issue. Vendors are asked to provide the manager with a clear explanation of an issue, and to work with staff to reach a resolution. After gathering all available information, the CFM manager and staff will make a determination regarding the issue based on their interpretation of the best interest of the Market as a whole and the specific circumstances. Vendors must abide by the determination on that Market day so as to maintain order in the Market. If a vendor disagrees with the determination, the formal Grievance Process is in place.

Grievance Process

Chair of the CFM Committee

A vendor should send written statement of the grievance to the Chair of the CFM Committee within thirty (30) days of the incident. The Chair of the Committee shall use best efforts to resolve the grievance within fourteen (14) working days of receiving the written statement. At the end of this time period, the Chair of the Committee shall issue a written response to the grievant with either the resolution or next steps if additional time is needed to address the issue. The Chair of the Committee shall issue a final written response to the grievant within thirty (30) days of the initial complaint.

Lone Star Card and ATM Terminal

The Coppell Farmers Market accepts the Lone Star Card, thus allowing Texas food stamps customers to use their Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits at the market.

Lone Star Card / $1 Red Wooden Tokens:

Lone Star card customers can use their EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) card, to purchase $1 red tokens at the CFM hospitality table in the pavilion. SNAP benefits are accessed by swiping the EBT card on a point-of-sale (POS) terminal and entering a personal identification number (PIN). The tokens can be used like cash with market vendors for SNAP eligible products. Any tokens that are not used may be returned to the table for credit back on the card, or kept for future shopping trips.

SNAP Eligible Products:

  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Meat, Poultry, Fish, Eggs, and Dairy
  • Breads and Other Baked Goods
  • Cereal and Edible Grains
  • Packaged Foods not for onsite consumption
  • Food-producing Plants or Seeds

SNAP Ineligible Products:

  • Flowers, Non-food items
  • Soap, Household Items
  • Pet Foods
  • Foods sold hot
  • Food or drinks intended for onsite consumption
  • Any foods purchased for the purpose of reselling

ATM Machine / $5 Green Wooden Tokens:

The CFM can process bank debit card transactions with the staff operated point-of-sale (POS) terminal at the Hospitality table. Customers can purchase $5 green market tokes to be used like cash for any market purchase. A nominal fee for use of the bank debit card service will offset the cost of using the wireless terminal at the market.

Vendor Instructions and Reimbursement:

  • Accept Lone Star $1 red tokens for eligible products only (see list above).
  • Do not give cash change for red tokens.
  • Accept $5 green tokens like cash for any product and cash change may be given.
  • Redeem all tokens at the CFM Hospitality table for cash.

Cash Change:

Our Lone Star / ATM operator can break large bills and make change for vendors. We ask vendors to come prepared with their own cash change and to not abuse this service as it is intended only as a backup resource.

Your Input

Input from vendors, customers, and all CFM stakeholders is valued. If you would like to share any thoughts please contact the Coppell Farmers Market Committee at [email protected]

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