Learn How Latte Da Makes the Finest Goat’s Milk Cheese

In anticipation of autumn we’re looking back to last November, when Seeds of Sustainability featured Coppell Farmers Market vendor Latte Da Dairy. Seeds of Sustainability is a documentary- style short film series created locally with community education in mind. In this episode the filmmakers visit the dairy to document the source of the fabulous soft and hard cheeses sold weekly at the CFM.

In the opening scene of the farm tour an odd-looking dairy goat makes her debut. She has very tiny ears, unlike the ears any typical goat that you might imagine. Dairy owner Anne Jones explains that “Latte Da Dairy started in 2007 with the goal of producing a very fine quality cheese.” She goes on to teach her viewers that good cheese starts with good milk, produced on her farm by two dairy goat breeds: the Lamancha, a special short-eared breed, and the Nubian who is prized for it’s buttery sweet milk.

See the goats, the milking parlor, and learn about the Latte Da cheese making process here: Seeds of Sustainability/Latte Da Dairy

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