Olive Oil Truffles

Joe the Baker presented how to make olive oil truffles at the Market to Kitchen Chef Series on June 22, 2014.  His message was clear that when working with chocolate it is a laid back process.  No hurry, but here is his simple recipe for many different flavor truffles.  And yes, weighing the ingredients assures a consistent outcome. Joe the Baker sells his truffles and French macarons at the Coppell Farmers Market.

Olive Oil Truffles:

125 grams heavy cream
15 grams local honey

any herbs/teas to infuse

275 grams high quality white chocolate
180 grams olive oil- flavored if desired

Heat together the cream and honey to a scald.  Season as desired then pour over white chocolate.  Blend until smooth and cool to 100F.  Emulsify with oil and allow to crystalize as needed.



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