Savor Wrap Up

A tremendous thank you to everyone who participated in our fundraising dinner last Saturday, October 14th!

This delightful evening was made possible by so many contributors and was truly a grassroots effort. Our hearts were filled with gratitude and our bellies with good food! 

Menu and Contributions

VIP Appetizers & Cocktail
Dallas Mozzarella Company Cheeses, Narrow Way Farms Summer Sausage, Sapling Farms Pickles and Vegetables, Hazel’s Kitchen Bread and Jam, Fermented Foodie Carrots, Sundance Gardens Mustard Spread and Jam, and K-Mama Pickles. Cocktail made with Goldenroot Gingerbeer.

Garden Greens Salad with Herbed Vinaigrette
Vegetables from Sapling Farms, Brushy Creek Farm, Embry Family Farm, and Cardo’s Rare Fruits and Vegetables. Herbs from Biscuit Head Baking Co. and Olive Oil from Texas Olive Oil.

Artisan Bread & Fresh Butter
French Baguettes provided by Scott’s Bake Shop and handmade butter provided by Sundance Gardens.

Spiced Sweet Potato & Vegetable Stew with Coconut Milk
Vegetables from Sapling Farms, Embry Family Farm, Cardo’s Rare Fruits and Vegetables, and Weathertop Farm.

Hunter’s Melange and Wild Mushroom Vol au Vent
Chicken and Beef provided by Live Stock First Ranch. Chicken and Pork provided by Narrow Way Farms. Lamb provided by Reviving Real Foods. Puff Pastry provided by Bresnan Bread and Pastry. Vegetables provided by D-Bar Farm, Sapling Farms, Embry Family Farm, Cardo’s Rare Fruits and Vegetables, FNG Mushroom Company, and Weathertop Farm.

Trio of Desserts: Egg Custard Tart with Jujube Compote, Meringue Chantilly, & Chocolate Cookie
Made by Small and Baked Goods. Milk and Yogurt from Jersey Girls Dairy, Jujubes from Cardo’s Rare Fruits and Vegetables, Eggs from Narrow Way Farms, Butter from Sundance Gardens, and RTX Honey Bees Honey.

Beverages: Descardo Wines, Goldenroot Gingerbeer, Be Spiced Chai, and Runyon Coffee

Florals: Bishop Hill Farm Flowers

Parting Gifts: Wackym’s Kitchen Cookies and Delanco Farm Nature Ornament.

Services: Cooking and Meal Waste Composting by Compost Carpool.

Cooking Assistance: Jill Holden (Sundance Gardens), LK Blackard (Fermented Foodie), Kyle and Megan LaPointe (Reviving Real Foods), Diane Austin, Julia Daly (Coppell Farmers Market Committee), and Peter Lecca (Coppell Farmers Market Committee).

Thank you to the City of Coppell Parks Crew, Marissa Olivas (City Programs Coordinator), and Coppell Farmers Market Committee Members, especially Janet Rensmeyer and Peggy Rosson, The Coppell Community Gardens, and all the Volunteers who made this night possible.

Meet the Chefs

Executive Chef Sheena Croft has specialized in orchestrating exquisite culinary experiences that feature foraged, seasonal, and locally sourced ingredients for more than 20 years. Chef Sheena is the Executive Chef at Deschain Winery (Gainesville, TX) and is part of a wonderful team of chefs at Osteria il Muro (Denton, TX).

Pastry Chef Kazuko Goto specializes in making Japanese inspired baked goods. Kazuko is the owner of Small and Baked Goods, a growing cottage bakery that sells at the Coppell Farmers Market on an occasional basis. When she isn’t in the kitchen, Kazuko enjoys gardening and making art, especially Japanese woodcut prints.

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