Everett & Elaine

We are a from scratch bakery that specializes in fresh baked pies, cookies, trail mixes and nut products. Having grown up in the pecan industry, co-owner Kevin Lampman developed a love for fresh baked goods and treats made with pecans from the family’s orchards. After Lampman met co-owner and CIA-Hyde Park graduate, Yang Wu, they decided to start a small bakery doing just that…making fresh baked goods of which most products incorporated the use of a pecan.

As time went by and customers made various requests for other items, Everett & Elaine evolved into offering a broader base of goods including pies, cookies, trail mixes, nut selections and gourmet gifts. Because the original inspiration for Everett & Elaine was derived from Lampman’s pecan industry roots, Lampman and Wu decided to name their company in honor of Lampman’s parents, Jim Everett and Teresa Elaine, who had been in the pecan industry since the early 1970’s.

Coppell Farmers Market || Summer

Our Products

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