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Learn more about the vendors that make Coppell Farmers Market one of the best in the area!

Get to know your farmer, rancher, producer, grower, baker, fisherman, dairyman, soap maker, and even your dog biscuit maker to learn many interesting stories behind your food. For various reasons, not every vendor will be at every market; however this listing is for our most current vendors. Our farmers use various growing methods. To clarify, the produce vendors’ descriptions contain information about their farming methods: Certified Organic, Sustainably Grown, or Conventional.

Larken Farms

Ken_HalversonIn 2000 Ken Halverson and his wife Laura Jo started Larken Farms as a hobby. They wanted to see if they had green thumbs for growing peaches. What started as a hobby turned into a full time orchard! They now have over 7,000 trees which also include plum and pear, plus some blackberry bushes. They grow veggies in their garden as well. Larken Farms uses organic growing methods (not certified). Sustainably Grown

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