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Whether you need pizza, a soup or entrée, quick bread or oatmeal, snacks or dessert, gluten free choices can be found at the Coppell Farmers Market.

My Gluten-Free Friend features a wide variety of already prepared entrees like pizza, crab cakes, lunch bowls and many more, prepared in a kitchen with no cross-contamination. They also will help you understand the implications and requirements of a gluten-free diet.

Lucido’s Pasta has added some gluten free pasta and frozen ravioli choices. Ask about their sauce, too. With the exception of barley, Grapevine Grains has many gluten free grain offerings including oatmeal, quinoa and granolas, as well as their Cherry Berry Granola Bar made with sunflower butter. Avani fruit and nut snack bars are vegan, gluten free and use only non-GMO ingredients.

Almost all the soup and dip mixes made by Custom Café Foods are gluten free but ask Pat to be sure. She can also custom make a batch if there’s a flavor you’d like that usually has gluten. Contrary to what you’d think from some of the names, the soups are all vegetarian until the customer adds meat.

The Tamale Company brings all gluten free products. For snacking, Two Chefs prepares gluten free tortilla chips and Wholesome Habit has kale chips. Gluten free desserts were already found with Joe Baker’s macarons and weekly quick bread, but expanded with Wackym’s Kitchen addition of gluten free Oatmeal Walnut Currant Cookies.

Hiram Farm brings a wide variety of options from salad dressings to kombucha. Pat prepares it all herself from carefully grown or chosen ingredients. See what she has to offer in the gluten free arena. Pat’s products vary each time she comes on the second and fourth Saturdays as she is a proponent of seasonal offerings.

Most sauces, spice mixes, and salsas are gluten free but do double check with the vendor. This is another reason to enjoy direct contact with the producer at the market – you can ask how something is made and you can even request gluten free adjustments. Producers listen to their customers! They might add the modified product to their line of offerings, or might prepare a gluten free batch just for you.

The market committee is quite proud of our vendors responding to the unique dietary needs of our customers by developing new recipes or modifying some tried and true to meet ever changing needs. .


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