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2024 Market Season
Season Dates: January 1, 2024 - December 31, 2024 
Fees: Non-refundable, $25 application fee. Weekly stall fees are $20-$35.
Vendor Handbook. 

The CFM hosts local, agricultural and food producers only. Although we strive to welcome new vendors to the market each year, space for new vendors is often very limited.

New to selling at markets or want to brush up on best market sales practices? Take our virtual Vendor 101 course. 

Coppell Farmers Market || Summer

Farmers & Ranchers

Farmers and ranchers must grow/raise the products they sell and their operations must be located in North-Central Texas. Learn more here:  Coppell Farmers Market Vendor Handbook

Our farmers and ranchers are subject to regular farm visits and, when necessary, farm audits. When a product’s origin is not evident, farmers are required to sign affidavits.

Applications are accepted year-round.  

Applicants will receive email notice of their status (accepted, declined, waitlisted) within 45 days of application submission. 

A permit is required to sell eggs, meat, and dairy products. 

Artisan/Specialty Food Producers

Artisan and Specialty Food Producers must directly produce the goods they wish to sell. Their business must be located in the North-Central Texas region. Learn more here:  Coppell Farmers Market Vendor Handbook

The application opens on November 1, 2023 and it's open year-round. Application fee is non-refundable.

Applicants will receive email notice of their status (accepted, declined, waitlisted) within 45 days of application submission. 

Applications are reviewed and selected by a jury.

The Coppell Farmers Market has limited space and gives preference to returning vendors that are in good standing with the organization.  Although we strive to welcome new vendors to the market each year, space for new vendors is often very limited.

Unless producing under the Texas Cottage Law, Artisan/Specialty Food Producers will be required to obtain a permit from the City of Coppell at the cost of $100/annually.

Community Organizations & Student Groups

You must qualify or your application will not be processed.


  • Coppell-based, registered 501c3
  • Affiliates of the City of Coppell
  • Student Groups (grades k-12)
  • Individual students (grades k-12)

Nonprofits, Student Groups, Individual Students, and City of Coppell Affiliates must comply with the following:

  1. Must follow all applicable market rules.
  2. Personnel must stay within the perimeters of their booth pace. Soliciting is prohibited. Market walk-throughs to recruit participants is prohibited.
  3. Coppell-based, Non-Profit organizations and Student Groups may participate no more than once per season
  4. Student groups (k-12) can attend no more than once per semester.
  5. Coppell Affiliated Entities and Youth Entrepreneurs may attend no more than once per Quarter.
  6. All students must be in grades k-12. 
  7. Must provide their own equipment, including: tables, chairs, canopy. Contact us directly if the canopy requirement is a barrier for participation for you or your group.
  8. Arrive for setup no earlier than 7am. Setup must be completed by 8am. 
  9. Must attend until noon. 


  1. Smoking and vaping: Smoking and vaping are prohibited at the Market, including beneath the pavilion and in surrounding green spaces and parking lots.
  2. Alcohol and drugs: The consumption of alcoholic beverages or drugs is prohibited at the Market.
  3. Accessibility: Pre-determined fire lanes and ADA pathways cannot be blocked.
  4. Soliciting and Canvassing: Soliciting and canvassing at the market is prohibited.

Municipal 9-11-3 Parks and Recreation General Regulations
–Within the limits of any park, it shall be unlawful for any person or persons to do any of the acts hereinafter specified, except as may be otherwise provided: To disrupt or disturb in any manner any picnic, meeting, service, concert, exercise, or exhibition. To distribute, post, place, or erect any advertising handbill, circular, bill, notice, paper, or other advertising device without special permit issued by the director of parks and recreation.

Stall Requirements: 

  1. Canopy/Tents/Umbrellas required for all stalls located outside the pavilion. Students may barrow a canopy from the CFM and will be responsible for canopy pickup, set up, break down, and return. 
  2. Transactions between customers and vendors may only occur within the stall.
  3. Vendors shall provide all their own equipment. The CFM will not provide weights, canopies, tables, or chairs.
  4. Equipment must not exceed the parameters of the Stall.
  5. All canopies, tents, umbrellas, and other forms of stall cover must be sufficiently and safely secured to the ground with weights from the moment the canopy is erected until it is taken down. If tents are inadequately secured, Market Managers will ask the farmer or producer to take it down and may not be allowed to sell or be required to sell without it.

Sufficiently means at least 100 pounds of weight per tent (25 pounds per tent leg), and at least 50 pounds for umbrellas. Tents may be secured to vehicles, but additional weights are required on the tent legs that are not tethered to the vehicle (25 pounds each).

For questions about types of tent weights and ways to secure them, please contact your Market Manager. Safely means that the method used to secure the canopy does not create safety hazards. Tent weights: – should not cause a tripping hazard. – should be tethered with lines that are clearly visible. – tethers that are taut – should have soft edges to avoid causing scrapes and cuts. – should be securely attached to the canopy. – should be on the ground or secured to the tent if hanging.

          1. All organizations and students are required to post the followings signs every market day:

  • Product prices.
  • Organization name. The sign and lettering must be large enough to be easily read from a 6 ft. distance.
  • A list of accepted forms of payment. Venmo/PayPal and other cashless ap users must also post the associated user handles/email addresses. The sign and lettering must be large enough to be easily read from a 6 ft. distance and it must be posted to the front of the canopy or tablecloth.

    2. Signage must be accurate and truthful in claims of production practices, sourcing, or other claims.
    3. Signs outside of the stall space are not permitted.

    Professional Manner:

  1. Vendors must represent their products in an honest manner, whether written or verbal.
  2. Vendors asked by Market Staff to remove products that present a threat to health must do so immediately.
  3. Vendors must conduct themselves in a courteous and professional manner at the Market. Vendors must treat customers, staff, volunteers, and fellow vendors with respect.
  4. Inaccurate, inappropriate, threatening, or harassing words or statements construed as disparaging or harmful to other vendors, vendor-to-customer relationships or the Market is prohibited and can be grounds for termination.
  5. No music other than that provided by the Market is allowed.
  6. No disruptive or aggressive promotion is allowed.
  7. Vendors are responsible for keeping their area clean during market and are responsible for cleaning their stall location after market is over. Unsold product and packing boxes must be carried off site.

Community Groups can apply any time of year.

DISCLAIMER: Applications that don't meet the qualifications will not be processed. 

1.) Read the guidelines in full. Guidelines are found on the tab labeled "Important Rules for Community Groups".

2.) Choose “ORGANIZATION” as your vendor type when prompted, after clicking the Application Link. 

Applicants will receive email notice within 5 business days of submission. 

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