Lone Star/Food Stamps

The Coppell Farmers Market accepts the Lone Star Card, thus allowing Texas food stamps clients to use their benefits at the market. The market encourages more of the community, including low income, to purchase wholesome foods direct from local farmers and producers. "We want everyone in our community, regardless of income, to have access to quality, nutritious foods at our farmers market," said Karen Pearsall, Chair of the Coppell Farmers Market Committee.

How do I use the my card at the market? Click here (Spanish version) for easy instructions. Lone Star card customers can use their EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) card, formerly known as food stamps, to purchase $1 tokens at the SNAP/ATM booth under the pavilion.The tokens can be used like cash with market vendors for food items and potted vegetable and herb plants. Any Lone Star tokens that are not used may be returned to the tent for credit back on the card, or kept for future shopping trips. CFM committee members will be available to assist with questions about shopping at a farmers market.

Additionally, the Coppell Farmers Market can now process bank debit card transactions at the SNAP/ATM booth under the pavilion, allowing patrons to purchase market tokens to be used like cash for any market purchase. A nominal fee for use of the bank debit card service will offset the cost of using the wireless terminal at the market.

This program has been funded by proceeds from the Farm to Table Dinner in June and a Farmers Market SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) Pilot program managed by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission. After approval by the USDA to accept food stamps via the Lone Star/EBT card, the Coppell Farmers Market became the nineteenth farmers market in the state to be accepted into the 2011 pilot program.


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