Making a Meal from the CFM

Can I find all the ingredients at the Coppell Farmers Market to make a meal? Gosh, of course, everything is there for you every Saturday morning from 8 am until noon. You want breakfast – fresh eggs and bacon ready for the frying pan. Did I hear you say soup? Try one of the many soup mixes and some fresh spices added to the pot. Now don’t forget the stew meat or bacon to sauté up. Then start adding the goodies – onions, garlic, carrots, squash, peppers and potatoes. Those red tomatoes are looking pretty darn sweet and juicy today. You must not forget that crusty loaf of bread, along with some fresh goat cheese or Gouda. Almost forgot about the salad and all the variety of greens that can be added with the herbs. The olive oil and vinegar guy has some great combinations to make up some fabulous vinaigrette.

If you don’t have time to bake today, well stop by and visit Mr. Pie Man Melvin and get a fresh chocolate pecan, lemon meringue or the seasonal pie selection. Of course Wackym’s has some of the best cookies to go with our ice cream. Joe Baker’s macarons are such a special treat but maybe today is the special day for that indulgence!

Almost ready to sit down, must chill the drinks, set the table and light the candles. Now I’m ready to savor the local fare! Bon Appétit!

By Janet Rensmeyer, Market Committee Member

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