That’s a Wrap: Food Day for Kids

Last Saturday was Food Day for Kids at the Coppell Farmers Market, a market day dedicated to teaching the younger generation about food and farming. We estimate more than three hundred children participated in the festivities!

By far the most popular event was Cathy’s Critters petting zoo where children were invited to see and touch piglets, rabbits, chickens and ducks, and an alpaca and miniature cow. This opportunity helped children to learn the value of the animals that provide food and fiber in our daily lives.

Visitors gathered at the main activity booth throughout the day where a demonstration or hands on activity took place on the hour. The Coppell Public Library began the morning with story time. It was a joy to stand by while librarians J.J. White and Cassandra Young charmed their audience with a fabulous sing along of Old McDonald, some quirky barn yard animal puppetry, and the reading of agriculturally themed big books.  Grapevine Grain’s whipped up home-made waffles and shared the story and flavor of their freshly milled, whole grain flour.

Towards the end of the day more than fifty children gathered round to taste salsa made on-site from farmers market tomatoes, peppers, and onions before setting out on a scavenger hunt to find the salsa making ingredients for an at-home trial. The scavenger hunt was the last lesson in an ongoing program series called the Power of Produce (POP) Club. Participants were awarded with $5 vouchers to spend on CFM fruits and veggies.

Of all the special contributors, Farmers Market Manager, Amanda Austin, was most excited to work with CISD educators and students who set up a booth to teach the community about their school gardens and composting programs. More than one hundred students from R. J. Lee elementary took shifts at this booth to talk to visitors about their school garden. These students also set up an extra special activity where each participant assembled a bag of compost making ingredients to take home. The activity utilized vegetable waste from their school’s cafeteria.

The event was a true community endeavor and the Coppell Farmers Market Committee is grateful to all who participated and helped to create such a special day. Thank you!

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