Sapling Farms

Sapling Farms took root in a backyard in a Dallas suburb. The founder, Selvi Palaniswamy, grew up on a farm and learned to appreciate the value of fresh produce, healthy eating, as well as the health benefits of farming over the years. Selvi’s goal became to provide her family with nutritious meals using freshly grown produce straight from her own garden. So, she started small – planting leafy greens, fruits, and vegetables. When it came time to harvest, it brought her joy to see her family eat home-cooked meals using her produce. Soon, Selvi began producing extras and would drive miles to give them away to her friends and neighbors. Seeing how much her friends, family, and neighbors benefited from her farming and an increased interest from the community, she wondered if she could turn her passion into a profession. And that thought is what led Selvi from being a backyard gardener to a market gardener, feeding more than just her family and friends.

Sapling Farms brings mushrooms grown by Dryad Grove based in Weatherford, TX

CFM | Christmas Market 2021

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