Gluten Free Offerings

Several artisan vendors at the Coppell Farmers Market offer gluten free choices in addition to their other products.

The Tamale Company, and Ipanema Cheese Breads (Winter Market vendor) produce only gluten free products. Those are great go-to booths for shopping without concerns because everything is prepared in gluten free commercial kitchens.

Custom Café Foods, Grapevine Grains and Lucido’s Pasta offer some gluten free products. Note these are not prepared in gluten free kitchens.

Custom Café reports that four of their seven soups are gluten free and the other three may be special ordered without gluten. Seven of Custom Café’s eight dips are also gluten free. In addition, all of Custom Café’s products are vegetarian. For their products containing broth powders, they use Gourmet Naturally flavored broths which contain no animal products.

In their gluten free line, Grapevine Grains has a corn muffin mix made with corn, millet and quinoa, a pancake mix made with buckwheat and millet, and trail mix in addition to barley and oatmeal products. They are developing a gluten free soup mix which may be available soon so ask them if it has passed the taste test yet.

Most sauces, spice mixes, and salsas sold at the market are also gluten free but the shopper should double check with the vendor. This is another reason to enjoy the direct contact with the producer at the market as opposed to a conventional store with no interaction with the producer. If a favorite isn’t available gluten free, they might be able or willing to make the necessary gluten free adjustments for a specific customer or add it to their product line.

The market committee is quite proud of our vendors responding to the unique dietary needs of our customers by spending time and effort developing new recipes or modifying some tried and true ones.

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