Why I like to shop the Coppell Farmers Market

An Opinion Piece from Coppell High School Senior, Fiona Koshy 

I have always loved Saturday mornings.

The feeling of waking up devoid of the usual tasks and responsibilities of a typical weekday is replaced with pure bliss. One of the first things I do is pour a fresh cup of coffee, grab my book and have a nice, slow start to the morning.

A new addition to this beloved ritual has been my mornings at the Coppell Farmers Market.

When I first moved to Coppell a few years back, heading to the market was one of the first excursions my family and I went on.

We looked at each and every table with eager eyes and equally impressed stomachs. I was amazed at the sheer range and amount of produce that was available right at our fingertips.

Flash forward to last year when I rediscovered my love for the market and have been going periodically, watching the produce change alongside the seasons.

Whether it be satisfying my sweet tooth or buying the ingredients for a new recipe, there is always an excuse to stop by. Even when I bring a tangible list, I always leave with more than I had planned.

While I do not consider myself the most healthy person out there, I make an effort, and the Coppell Farmers Market makes it so much easier. Getting that face to face with the growers is crucial and gives me the knowledge as to what I am putting in my body and where it is coming from. At the grocery store, so many of these questions are left unanswered.

What I love the most, however, is the connections that the market fosters.

Being such a close knit town, Coppell makes it easy for you to get to know others at the market. Buyers and sellers are on a first name basis and familiar faces pop up everywhere you turn.

The market provides a personal atmosphere that is felt by newcomers and locals alike. Laughter and cheer are commonplace, and most people are on a first name basis with each other.

Walking into Old Town, it is normal to see people of all ages. With fountains, slides and the occasional musical performance, the market is just as inviting to children as it is adults.

The positive atmosphere is contagious. Rain or shine, I find myself leaving the market in a brighter mood.

The market not only embodies the people of Coppell, but the community as a whole. Even if I’m just grabbing a croissant, the Coppell Farmers Market is a place I will forever go to because it makes me feel at home.


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