Welcome Full Quiver Farms!

The Coppell Farmers Market is thrilled to add Full Quiver Farms to our vendor list! Many veteran shoppers may remember Full Quiver Farms and their creamy-delicious, spreadable cheeses from our market’s earliest days.

Three generations work together on this Kemp, TX farm and dairy. Although the family will sell only aged and soft cheeses at the Coppell Farmers Market, they also lovingly produce milk, yogurt, pastured beef, pork, chicken and eggs, lacto-fermented vegetables, and handmade soap.

To learn more about this farm, their practices, and their dedication to local food the Coppell Farmers Market Committee visited the operation just last month. Since the market’s conception in 2003, site visits have helped us build community with our farmers, and just as importantly, they’ve allowed us teach farmers market shoppers about the source of their food.

On the farm we met Michael and Debbie Sams, the founders and farm elders, along with their three sons, Jesse, Josh and Levi, who are actively assuming farm management and ownership roles. While walking the farm with Mike, it was clear that the Sams have worked hard to build a highly productive and sustainable farm business. The farm was tidy and functional: everything in its place, the cheese-making house complete with the necessities, a ship-shape milking parlor, a fully stocked farm store, and happy cows chewing cud in the pasture. Our visiting group of market staff and volunteers were impressed to learn that Full Quiver cheeses can be found in many Texas Whole Foods, Central Market, and HEB stores.

Michael and Debbie plan to phase into a more restful time, while Jesse, Josh and Levi are managing production and whole sale accounts, and will soon expand the business with farmers markets sales. These young farmers have chosen to begin their expansion with Coppell Farmers Market , and we’re honored!


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