New Website Rolls Out

Everything is springing up new with the Coppell Farmers Market! To complement the new location, after months of hard work the marketing committee rolled out the new website last week. Only the website address,, remains the same; everything about it is new and fresh, ready for user-friendly viewing!

Led by Marca Hiller on this winter long project, the marketing committee studied other farmers market websites and our own previous site to see what was working and what could be improved, what was preferred on other sites, what was friendly and informative. The CFM chose Third Interactive as the website development company to develop the new site with frequent marketing committee input. Every vendor was contacted for current information. Every sentence in the site was studied by multiple committee members for accuracy and clarity. And now we present it to our community.

What’s special about the new website? Why is the committee excited? What does this mean for the customer? More pictures. More information. More regularly updated areas for news, articles, recipes, events. Ease in keeping the information current. Links to social media. All within a fully searchable site.

Search for regular vendors by name or categories. Yes, some are within anywhere from one to four categories. Do you know a vendor face but not a name to try to find them on Facebook? Locate their photos. Find updated information on each vendor. Click within their CFM page to find them on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media and search their websites. Whatever media the vendor uses, we have added the links. When a new regular vendor joins the line-up, their information will be added in a timely manner.

News, articles, recipes, upcoming events are all easy to find. Was there a newspaper article you wanted to keep on a topic? Find it saved for you right here. Are you wondering what produce is in season now? Look at What’s Fresh, the information you find in these columns each week.

The new site is also fully searchable. “Blueberry” pulled up two recipes and two articles, one on agricultural challenges and another on value added products because a vendor has a blueberry variety of lemonade. “Blueberries” added a third recipe, another article, and a vendor who sells blueberries.

Every article, recipe, vendor is accompanied by a color photo thanks to our awesome photographers.

Are you a new visitor? Find suggestions on how to shop a farmers market. Do you wonder what others think about the Coppell FM? Find testimonials. Would you like to become involved on the committee? Would you like to attend a meeting to see what the committee is about? Find that information too. Give the site a peek. Have fun!

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