Nutritious Broth for Dog Biscuits

     To make their dog biscuits, Sandy and John Stewart first cook up a nutritious broth using specific vegetables – tomatoes because their acid draws bone marrow and other nutrients from the bone, green beans and turnips for their vitamins and minerals, etc. No salt or pepper for these pups. Beef shank or chicken carcass is then added and slow cooked for a long time.  This nutritious broth becomes the liquid mixed with healthy, human-grade dry ingredients to make Beef Biscuits, Some Cluck Biscuits, etc.
     Over time, the Stewarts learned that baking the moisture out of the biscuits prevents mold, meaning that Vitamin E is the only preservative needed. Biscuit Head Baking Company also dehydrates pure meats to round out their healthy offerings for our faithful friends.
     Find the water bowl that welcomes dogs every Saturday, then peruse the nutritious doggie treats on the table.
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