Photo Essay: Three North Texas Farms

Each and every Saturday farmers from across North Texas make the trek to the Coppell Farmers Market to sell the fruits of their labor. Week after week they thoughtfully set up their display, then smile and visit with their customers until the close of the day. Their weekly presence is as dependable as the setting sun.  

To learn more about these farmers, their practices, and their dedication to local food we set out to visit their operations. The Farmers Market Committee has been conducting site visits since the markets conception in 2003. These visits have helped us build community with our farmers, and just as importantly, they’ve allowed us teach farmers market shoppers about the source of their food.  


Weathertop Farm
Forrestburg, TX
Farmers: Chris Buckalew and family

Dry Valley Dairy 
Forrestburg, TX
Dairy Farmer: Charles Steadham


Livestock First Ranch 
Sherman, TX
Rancher: Taylor Cooper



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