Salad Jars

Jaelanne Gilliam, Personal Chef, demonstrated how to make-ahead-meals at the Coppell Farmers Market Chef Demo on August 2nd, 2014. Each suggestion below is in the order in which the ingredients are placed into a clean glass jar.

Breakfast Jar

Country fried sweet potatoes with onions and sweet peppers, Scrambled eggs with sausage and broccoli, Topped with cheese

Salad Jar 1

Dressing, Chicken, Cheese, Veggies ,Sprouts, Spinach/Lettuce

Salad Jar 2

Dressing, Chicken, Cheese, Tomatoes, Diced Apples & blueberries, Veggies, Sprouts, Spinach/Lettuce

Dinner Leftover Jars

Stack your leftovers in your jar, then put your cheese or topping on the top for better coverage when heated.

Dinner Jar 1 Green Beans, Spaghetti noodles, Sauce and cheese

Dinner Jar 2 Squash and onions, Tomatoes, Chicken

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