Thanks to the chefs for their demos!

October 17 was the last of the four Market to Kitchen chef demonstrations offered by the Coppell Farmers Market in 2015. Did you miss them? After the demonstration, all of their recipes are posted to the Coppell Farmers Market website. Many can also be found on the Coppell Farmers Market Pinterest board.

On November 7, the Coppell Public Library will sponsor a free chef demo at the Coppell FM by returning Chef Joe Baker who will present a French pastry, tarte tatin. Read more here. This event was postponed from October 24 due to rain forecast.

Ryan Kate’s salmon packets coincide perfectly with the return of market vendor Sam’s Salmon this week. Find her recipe in both locations. At the program, she added strips of colorful bell pepper to the packets before closing them up. Beautiful and tasty.  Strips of other vegetables could also be used.

The Coppell FM wants to thank the four chefs who presented for us this season:  Hugh Stewart of Chamberlain’s Fish Market Grill, Stephanie Bergeman with Chef Stephanie personal chef services, Joe Baker with Joe the Baker bakery and catering as well as Coppell FM vendor, and Ryan Kate who was a Master Chef Junior contestant on Fox during the last season.

Each of our chefs devotes countless hours to preparing the demonstration without pay. They select the recipe and submit it to the committee for printing, write up biographical information to be used in marketing and for their introduction, and then go through all the steps necessary for the actual preparation of the demonstration.

These include shopping at the market in advance for as many ingredients as possible, completing shopping at the grocery store, preparing many of the ingredients and perhaps all of the sampling for 50 people in advance, and then packing up everything needed as if presenting at a picnic instead of working in an indoor kitchen where tools and equipment are handy.

Behind the scenes, Farmers Market committee members locate and invite chefs; write up and market the demonstration across several weeks; add the events to the CFM website, Facebook page, Coppell Bubble Life, Coppell Chamber of Commerce and City of Coppell events listings, and many other marketing and social media outlets.

A City of Coppell Health Certificate must be obtained once the recipe is known, recipes printed, give aways for the customers procured, gifts for the chefs arranged, and then setting up and taking down the entire chef demonstration area, complete with tables and chairs, hand watering station and electrical hook ups. Join the committee and join the fun! Do you know a local chef who believes in using local ingredients? Let us know and we’ll investigate for a possible future demonstration.

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