What’s Fresh, October 24

Rain or shine! New and fun – salmon, kohlrabi, purple green beans and broccoli.

Kathy Johnston of Sam’s Salmon reports that Sam’s wife Becky will probably be at this week’s market ready to answer questions about wild caught salmon fishing in Alaska. They will have frozen Coho salmon whole fillets and half-fillets of both Sockeye and Coho Salmon. The smoked King Salmon will be there starting October 31st. Their salmon is cleaned and flash frozen on the boat, enhancing the fresh taste.

Fresh Veggies – acorn squash, beets, bok choy, broccoli, butternut squash, cabbage, carrots, cucumbers and Armenian cucumbers, eggplant, green beans and purple green beans, kale, kohl rabi, microgreens, mustard greens, oyster mushrooms, okra, onions, parsnips and greens, shelled purple hull peas, pecans, peppers (slowing), potatoes, radishes, summer squash, spaghetti squash, sunflower sprouts, sweet potatoes, Swiss chard, fall field and hothouse tomatoes, turnips and turnip greens, green and golden zucchini and more.

Fresh Fruit  – pears, apples, persimmons.

Artisan food – kombucha tea, lemonade, flavored nuts, pasta + ravioli + sauces, cookies, granola, croissants, breads, macarons, award-winning pies, fruit and nut snack bars, locally roasted coffee, small batch prepared foods, honey, seasoning mixes, jams and jellies , jerky, Italian red sauce, salsa and chips, savory and dessert mixes, tamales, olive oil, vinegar,  popsicles, gluten-free prepared dishes + bars + breads,  and more.

Hydroponically grown – butterhead lettuce, mizuna, lettuce mixes plus herbs like watercress, arugula and sorrel. Basil varieties include lemon, purple Thai, and Genovese.

Fresh Herbs – garlic and garlic chives, many varieties of basil, lemon balm, mint, thyme, rosemary, sage, savory and many more.

Meats – Thanksgiving turkeys may be ordered from Rehoboth Ranch with a deposit due now. Find pastured beef, lamb, pork, and chicken raised on a natural diet, eggs. Eggs run out fast, so consider placing an egg order in advance. Captain George brings Gulf seafood.

Dairy products – drinkable goat milk yogurt, goat milk chevre and feta cheese, cow’s milk artisan cheeses, pimento cheese, goat milk, and butter.

Plants – fig trees, bedding plants, herb and vegetable starts, sunflower or zinnia bouquets.

Other – doggie biscuits, soaps, soy candles, sugar scrubs, lip balm.

The rotating vendor for fourth Saturday of the month is Empa Mundo, World of Empanadas. Hiram Farm should be here also.

The Coppell FM runs year round by demand of customers and vendors. Weekly markets continue through the Saturday before Thanksgiving, then twice a month December-March:  December 5 & 19, 2015; 2nd & 4th Sat. in Jan., Feb., March 2016. Same hours.

Our farmers use various growing methods. To clarify, our website notes their growing methods on each farmer’s description page. Look for Certified Organic, Sustainably Grown, or Conventional growing methods noted at the end of their descriptions.

We are a local, seasonal farmers market, meaning that our farmers bring only what is
ripening in  their fields this week and some produce has a short growing season.
Eating with the seasons takes education, awareness and patience!
For a chart of produce that is in season now, click here.

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