Three Reasons to Grocery Shop at the CFM this Winter

The Coppell Farmers Market is open for the New Year! Shop for your weekly groceries with us on second and fourth Saturdays January-March: Jan. 12 & 26, Feb. 9 & 23, Mar. 9 & 23. Weekly market days return in April.

Three reasons to shop the Coppell Farmers Market this winter:


1.) Cooler temps produce sweeter root crops and greens! Our farmers are growing a wide variety of winter vegetables by utilizing hoop houses and light-weight frost cloths, designed to cover row crops.


2.) Pasture-raised eggs in (more) abundance. Livestock First Pastured Meats continues to bring eggs laid by pastured hens, and for the first time in months Rehoboth Ranch will bring eggs, too! Rehoboth is partnering with neighboring farm, Fresh Pasture Farms, who produces premium quality, organic, GMO free, pastured eggs.


3.) Milk and cookies as fresh as you can get them. Jersey Girls Dairy sells low-temp pasteurized milk (and other dairy products) that’s milked from their healthy, pastured herd within days of the market. Pair with just-made cookies from Wackym’s Kitchen, Hazel’s Kitchen, or Joe the Baker.


The Coppell Farmers Market it open year-round. Market staff visits all farms on a regular basis with the mission to ensure fruits and veggies are grown by the seller. The CFM is located at 768 W. Main St. in Old Town Coppell. Open 8am-Noon.


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