Be Spiced

Owner Sapna Punjabi-Gupta  integrates the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with western nutritional science to make it practical for the modern living. Sapna has been spreading the message of vegetarian nutrition and Ayurveda through interactive cooking workshops, wellness talks and her line of heirloom spice products.

Sapna Punjabi-Gupta is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and an Ayurvedic Practitioner with over 14 years of combined experience and practice. Sapna believes in the healing power of food and spices and the profound effects they have on our body, mind and soul.

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be spiced

Our Products

Chaat Masala • Chai Masala • Cranberry Chutney • Fresh Turmeric & Carrot Achaar • Garam Masala • Mukhwaas • Myer Lemon & Ginger Chutney • Pitta Pacifying Spice Brew Blend • Spiced Nuts • Turmeric Churna
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