Jersey Girls Dairy

Toey Courtney, along with his son, daughter-in-law and wife, own and operate the dairy in Winnsboro, TX. The milking herd consists of 120 milking cows, all Jerseys, who are housed and grazed on 134 acres. The herd is 80% grass fed, on pasture; no growth or milk enhancing hormones given to the cattle-EVER. Their pasture grazing is supplemented with hay grown & harvested by the family on approximately 225 additional acres.

Jersey Girls sells:

  • Raw Milk (Pre Order for Market Pickup ONLY!)
  • Whole all Jersey milk averaging 4.5%butterfat, un-homogenized(creamline style) and low temperature pasteurized.
  • Whole, full fat milk Yogurt, over 15 flavors.
  • A variety of cheeses (made at the dairy).

Our Products

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