Livestock First Ranch

Livestock First Ranch is a family-owned cattle ranch bordering the South Leon River in Comanche County,Texas. The land is a blend of trees and grass, a bit wild and a tad tamed, friendly to wildlife and domestic stock, with native pastures of bermudagrass and cultivated plots of winter wheat. The family raises Black Angus and Black Angus-Akaushi cattle in small herds, ranging among five pastures and moving as a closed herd when forage decreases to encourage pasture regeneration and discourage weeds. Our Black Angus herd is grass-fed and finished. Angus-Akaushi cattle are grass-fed and grain-finished in pursuit of finished cuts graded prime. Cattle are fed hay grown on-site during late summer and early winter. The ranch also raises pastured chicken and pork. The chickens are never medicated and eat a Non-GMO, soy-free and corn-free grain crumble. Hogs are raised outside in small groups allowed to root, graze or scratch as they please.  Beef, chicken and pork are processed at small Texas-owned USDA facilities.

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