What is GO TEXAN anyway?

Do you have Texas in your blood?  Do you want to support businesses that are from around here?  Look for the Logo that is proudly displayed by businesses and organizations that feel the same way.  If you decide you only what to buy products made and grown in Texas be sure to visit their site.  If you want produce grown here, visit our site and learn what is grown here and when you can buy it.

GO TEXAN promotes the products, culture and communities that call Texas home. It signifies that products were made or grown in Texas or use Texas-sourced agricultural products.

Through the Texas Department of Agriculture, many different entities like;

  • producers
  • artisans
  • restaurants
  • wineries
  • farmers markets

These are examples of who can apply for GO TEXAN designation and once approved, can display the GO TEXAN logo.

The Texas Department of Agriculture promotes these agri-businesses on a state, national and international level.  Almost anyone can buy a little something from Texas!  You just have to know where to look!

The GO TEXAN website, as well as the mobile app, serve as resources to locate GO TEXAN establishments like wineries, wine trails, restaurants, farmers markets, etc. It gives gardening and recipe hints, offers monthly email updates, and much more.

Coppell Farmers Market is GO TEXAN, as are several of our vendors. Our tattoos last week and #moretomarket Instagram photo campaign were part of this GO TEXAN initiative.

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