Gone in a Flash!

Just like the golden hour, some farmers market finds this time of year are really special and fleeting. We suggest visiting the CFM within two weeks to gobble up these short-term treasures:


Going Soon: 

Heirloom Field Tomatoes & Fresh Ginger- Alford Family Farm will sell big, plump heirloom tomatoes and fall-harvested ginger root for the last time this Saturday.

Pansies– Vendor Jill Holden is selling the healthiest and most beautiful pansies available and at the most affordable price. One flat (12 pansies), grown on her Paradise, TX farm, is priced at $12.

Photo Credit: Jordan Dunaway, jdunaway.blogspot.com

Succulents– Bear Creek Plants sells perfect potted succulents grown in Keller, TX. Their last market day of the year will be November 18th.

Persimmons– D-Bar Farm sells beautiful, plump persimmons each fall. This reddish-orange fruit is an autumn delicacy and is at its peak quality right now!

Fall Flavored Baked Goods and Treats– Many vendors have prepared special fall-flavored items and November 18th will be the last Saturday they’re offered. Try Grapevine Grains’ pumpkin seed granola and Wackym’s Kitchen ginger pumpkin spice cookies.

Gulf Coast Seafood– Magnolia Seafood wrapped their season a bit early this year and plans to return in the spring.

Pears– At the CFM there’s just  one grower who brings pears and he’s done for the fall season. Be sure to catch him next year!

Pumpkins– Fisher Family Farm sold vibrant pumpkins all through October. Remember us next year for fall decor and pie pumpkins.


NEW & Here to Stay a While: 
Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon– Vendor Sam’s Salmon just received this year’s catch. This is the freshest of the fresh wild caught Salmon.

Spinach–  Just picked spinach is a real sweet and flavorful treat that perils its grocery store brethren. You’ll never want to go back.

Sweet Potatoes- North Texas farmers JUST harvested their sweet potatoes. This precious crop stores well, so you’ll probably see it all through next spring and summer, but its flavor is peak right now.


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