Photo Essay: Fisher Family Farm

***When we carefully selected images to share and wrote this article last Friday, no one could have imagined that a tornado would sweep through on Saturday,  April 29th and alter the landscape. Follow Fisher Family Farm on Facebook for updates  and to lend support as they recover from the storm. ***


In order to learn more about our market’s farmers, their practices, and their dedication to local food, the CFM steering committee and market manager are committed to visiting each veggie producer on three separate occasions (once each spring, summer and fall).  Since the market’s conception in 2003, site visits have helped us build community with our farmers, and just as importantly, they’ve allowed us teach farmers market shoppers about the source of their food.

Earlier this month committee members visited Fisher Family Farm & Ranch where David & Ya Fisher, plus their four children, grow beef, honey, and all the staple veggies, like peas, potatoes, tomatoes & watermelons. This East Texas farm has been with Coppell Farmers Market for several years and remains one of our staple growers as we celebrate 15 years in business.

On the day of our visit the weather was fair; spring broccoli, Brussels sprouts and Napa cabbage were in their peak. That morning the Fisher family was being filmed by the Texas Department of Agriculture. Their feature will be used to teach school children about the source of their food. Fisher Family Farm participates with the Texas Farm to School Program, which connects school cafeterias with local producers.

The farm has been passed down through generations and David Fisher notes that he learned about farming and hard work from his father, who lives nearby and is still involved in aspects of the production. David and Ya want their children to learn the importance of taking care of the land and animals that provide a living for their family.

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