Nutrition & Food at the Coppell Farmers Market

By Sayed Juneja, Coppell High School Volunteer on the Coppell Farmers Market Committee

The Coppell Farmers Market (CFM) offers an expansive variety of food and artisan items. With over 44 different vendors that offer fresh and locally produced dairy, eggs, meats, seafood, and coffee, among other food and artisan items, the CFM appeals to everyone. It is no surprise that the demographic in the Coppell Farmers Market has been slowly changing in the past few years. A larger number of young people are visiting the market, from young toddlers to recent college graduates. Seniors looking for fresh food, parents looking for groceries, and teens trying to stay fit can all be satisfied with the market’s selection. A closer look into the CFM and what it offers reveals many benefits – not only for young people but also for people of all age groups.

For people who are trying to add healthy meat and seafood to their diet, the CFM offers fresh, grass-fed meats and wild caught seafood. In the winter season, vendor Sam’s Salmon offers Alaskan caught Sockeye, Coho and smoked salmon. Magnolia Seafood offers Gulf-coast caught jumbo shrimp, yellow fin tuna, and even shark! The fresh and wild caught fish are very beneficial; wild caught seafood has a substantially higher level of omega-3 fatty acids (which fight inflammation) and lower levels of pollutants, pesticides, and antibiotics (CNN).Rehoboth Ranch and Livestock First Ranch offer meat such as beef, pork, chicken, and in season lamb and turkey. They raise their livestock in clean, natural, antibiotic and hormone free environments. Health conscious customers looking to bulk up or stay in shape can buy these meats to add lean, clean protein to their diet.

The CFM has over 15 different vendors dedicated to selling fresh and in-season fruits and vegetables to help people meet their nutritional needs. Furthermore a wide variety of fruits and vegetables allows customers to pick and choose what they like. Consuming 5-13 servings of fruits and vegetables daily (USDA) is healthy and important. They can “ward off heart disease and stroke, control blood pressure, prevent some types of cancer… [and prevent] two common causes of vision loss” (Harvard School of Public Health) and aid in “weight management” (CDC).

Don’t forget the impressive selection of dairy, eggs, and honey. Two honey vendors sell raw, pure 100% Texas honey. Will Branstetter, a local beekeeper, maintains hives in Copper Canyon (Denton County) and Joy Onstott collects honey near Hamilton. Local honey can provide relief for seasonal allergies. Research shows that “local honey…may help [to] build immunity to some seasonal allergies” and is beneficial because of its antioxidants, digestive enzymes, vitamins and minerals (Livestrong). Fitness enthusiasts who want to start their early morning workouts with raw eggs (akin to Rocky Balboa), should make their way to Greens and Goodies. Offering organic (uncertified) eggs, Eric has made a name for himself for his tasty eggs and sliced barley buttermilk bread. Rehoboth Ranch also offers organic (uncertified) eggs on a preorder basis. Cheese enthusiasts who prefer their cheese from pure, unpasteurized, raw, and tasty milk should stop by Eagle Mountain Farmhouse Cheese. Someone who must avoid cow’s milk may find Latte Da’s artisanal goat cheese more suitable to their digestive system. There is less lactose in goat cheese and the fat globules are smaller, so it’s easier to digest (Livestrong).

As you stroll the market, notice other valued added products. Like most of our farmers market, many of these are seasonal and change through the year.

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