What’s Fresh, September 13

Melons are still around but start looking for pears and apples. Tomatoes in different sizes like grape and heirloom varieties continue. Squash includes yellow summer, zucchini, butta zucchini, butternut, and spaghetti. Sweet, hot, and bell peppers were still found last week. Okra and cucumbers are still producing. Root vegetables include red potatoes, sweet potatoes, and yellow onions. Greens might include spicy summer salad mix, Swiss chard, arugula, and both Malabar and water spinach. Herbs and seasonings are garlic chives, basils, mints, borage, oregano, and rosemary, plus bottles of dried seasonings.

Non-produce items feature pastured beef, pork, and chicken raised on a natural diet, free range eggs and Gulf of Mexico seafood.

Artisan cheeses, butter, honey, a large variety of small batch prepared foods, breads, pasta, snacks, pies, cookies, scones, baking and soup mixes, whole grains, coffee, tamales, olive oil, vinegar, chocolate truffles, macarons, fresh squeezed lemonade, crafted fruit popsicles round out the edible offerings. Recent goat milk cheese choices included chevre (plain, herbed, and mango), plus both plain and Kalamata feta. Granola flavor of the month for September is cinnamon apple, just in time for cooling temperatures.

Interesting facts: spices sold at the Coppell FM are prepared in small batches from vegetables or citrus fruit dehydrated and mixed by the seller. Taste the vibrant flavor difference. Unique to the Coppell FM, jars of pickled beets, fruit preserves, salsas, pesto, and pasta sauce are prepared by the vendor. Reselling of these products made by others isn’t allowed.

Crafted goat milk lotions and soaps, herbal bar soaps, lip balm, and fresh baked doggie biscuits are in the “inedible to humans” category.

Our farmers use various growing methods. Some produce is organic (not certified), some is sustainable, others grown conventionally. Just ask the farmers.

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