4 Artisan Products, New and Old

Our artisan food producers take great care to source the best ingredients, craft the finest products and take pride in their creations.

Hiram Farm now makes kombucha tea, a fermented tea mentioned recently in the media. To make this tea, Web MD says a colony of bacteria and yeast is added to tea and sugar and then allowed to ferment. “The resulting liquid contains vinegar, B vitamins, and a number of other chemical compounds.” Hiram Farm comes the second and fourth Saturdays so this is the week for the curious to try some.

Jill Holden of Sundance Farm brings pimento cheese in three varieties: plain, bacon, and jalapeno. She attributes the great taste to her choice of a high quality sharp cheddar cheese. She sustainably raises her own jalapenos for the hot variety and personally cooks the bacon in the meat version.

Try Jill Holden’s bourbon peaches sold in canning jars. These can be eaten alone or used to top ice cream, plain cake, or even pancakes and waffles.

Hidden Valley Creamery makes caramel sauce or Cajeta or dulce de leche – whatever you want to call it –  a goat milk caramel sauce in original, cinnamon, salted or bourbon flavors. Use this sauce over ice cream, on pancakes  . . . or eat it off the spoon!

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